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We are growing and offer a few friends and family the opportunity to make an early-investment in Paradigm Shift. Your investment could return as much as 10-100 times in five years time or you could loose it all if we go bankrupt. This is a high-risk, high-reward investment. Please read more on this page and fill out the form in the bottom of the page before the 22nd of October if you are interested. First, get to know us:

Investor form

Fill out this form if you are interested in investing in Paradigm Shift. Please note, that there is no guarantee that the company will not fail in the future and there is no guarantees for a large success. That being said, the company has a solid financial history and have been paying all taxes on time. Find company details on the Estonian e-Business Register. Our plan is to grow the company extensively, so there is an opportunity for a large return in the future.

This form is restricted to friends and family and ONLY shows interest in investing.

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A Digital Transformation Company.

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Martin Nørgaard Gregseren, Founder mr noe

Nice to e-meet you!

Martin Nørgaard Gregseren

Paradigm Shift is a Digital Transformation Company, founded 2016 in Estonia by me, Martin. 

Together with my CEO, Esther Hiamang, and our partners, we help companies grow, making a very complicated digital landscape, easy to master.

Since 2009, I have offered business consultation, online marketing, and web- and app development under the brand "mr noe", which is now renamed to "Paradigm Shift" because we live in a digital age and the technological potential is still widely untapped.

We are raising a friends and family investment round in October 2021 to fund the development of a platform which will allow us to scale up our digital production by streamlining the process we have for our clients.

We are planing a massive success for the next ten years and hope you want to join us.

“We now have a clear picture of our processes from prospects, leads, to sales. We now know who is responsible for what part of the process and we can now make a decision on which platforms to keep and which to eliminate. This enables us to save money by combining content, leads, and newsletter in one platform.


Danny Peters

Danny Peters

Co-founder / CEO at Milkymap

Martin is wonderful to work with, and has very good understanding of business processes. He is dedicated, self motivated, methodical and very capable. He is not only reliable and forward thinking partner but also proactive.

Keyur Dave

Keyur Dave

COO at ZealousWeb

It is a pleasure to work with him. He is committed, reliable and focused. His way of communicating within the team and towards the customer are outstanding. He delivers in time and quality. He is guarantee for getting customers happy. Last but not least it is also fun to work with him.

Peter Schnaus

Peter Schnaus

Country Manager, CTS Cloud Technology Solutions GmbH

What do we do?

Fill out form below. We suggest to investing EUR 500-5000.

We send you information on how to transfer the investment.

Receive confirmation on your ownership in Paradigm Shift. Please note that this information will be public on the Estonian business register.

Wait until 22nd of October for final approval or rejection.





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